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DeathOmen is a psychological horror game in first person, which you need to gain control of your sanity to spend  few nights in a house that hides mysteries and fears that you didn't know they existed!

Survive the terror behind the deepest fears of the unconscient while meeting the Supernatural!

You woke up in a house not knowing how you got there.

The same old cliché?

Maybe so, or maybe you'll have to find out for yourself.

Have you ever had sleep paralysis?

Have you ever been afraid to leave the house?

Are you afraid of being watched?

In this game you play as yourself.

  • The character's fears are your fears.
  • Spend few nights at the house.
  • Stay awake to not get tormented by Sleep paralisys
  • Sleep to "try" to recover your energy for the next night
  • Survive

The game isn't tied to a single Story, but to a journey full of Random Scares and each time you play this game, it can be different.


  • Random-Scares
  • Atmospheric
  • Not Story Driven
  • You just need to spend 7 Nights to finish your first Omen Cicle.

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Can't wait!

I watched your Slender video hehe

Well, DeathOmen is a different game, It's more calm and jumpscary sometimes. :D

Hi, your game looks cool!! I'm sound design and music student and I would love to work with you to improve the sound of the game. Would you be interested?

Please send me your Portfolio :)

Of course, do you have an email?

(1 edit) (+1)

Here is my portfolio sound design and music:



You can send me an email if you are interested (theombsound@gmail.com) :)


soooo excited for this


Looks promising. :) 




It's comming in March!